Jan 14, 2009

hit or miss...

Last night I made corn chowder and read Salinger. And the stars aligned for me to create a blog. Holden Caulfield makes me want to quit everything save reading and writing, and cooking makes me want to log what I do right so I can remember it next time, since I never do. And so the stars aligned. And I made this blog.

Maybe I'll keep up with a blog this time around.
Maybe not. I'll try anyway.

Objectively, the chowder was pretty good. Relative to the circumstances--not so good.

I have this soup complex, left over from living alone, where I am convinced that if I make a pot of soup, it automatically functions as a main course. (Obviously, I learned very little from those legendary twelve course meals at my grandmother's house, where butternut squash soup was just the beginning. Then again, the meat lasagna was just the beginning too. Things only started to wind down sometime after the crown roast...but anyway.) And so it was a sad thing when I realized that the corn chowder was actually just very spruced up creamed corn. Yummy -- but creamed corn. Not dinner. So I made pasta salad because all I had in the house was leftover lentil soup and ziti, and ziti won.

1 medium onion, chopped ~ 6 cups corn ~ 3 cups chicken broth ~ 1/2 cup chopped red pepper ~ 1/2 tsp. rosemary ~ 1/2 tsp. thyme ~ 1/2 tsp. pepper ~ dash cayenne pepper

brown onion. add 4 cups corn. cook 5 min. add 2 cups broth; boil. simmer 10 min. let cool slightly. blend in batches until smooth. put back in pot. add everything else. simmer 10 min.

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